My Story

“The name ‘Bilash’ originated from India in the late 1800’s. The meaning behind the name ‘Bilash’ is seriousness. We bring the seriousness of our flavours to you. The business has been established more than 2 decades within Much Wenlock. We thought that we should bring the Indian to Much Wenlock and make everyone feel like that they are in India with our extravagant dishes” 

“Being successful within the Indian restaurant trade, the owner ‘Mr Miah’ has come a long way in order to establish ‘Bilash’ from the slums of Bangladesh which was previously known as eastern part of India, where there was a lot of conflict where the owner travelled from country to country working in different types of Indian cuisines and learning the trade; which has enabled Mr Miah to successfully bring the spices of India to Much Wenlock. A lot of hard work and passion is put within the dishes and the service given to you”

Meet the team

Here is our hard-working team. Our number one waiter Lahin, he is always giving 5 star customer service. Then the two in the middle Main and Assistant Chef’s which are the main engine of the restaurant. Always producing quality food to our customer’s (You). Last but not least on the left we have the one and only Mr Fotique Miah, the owner of the wonderful Bilash.